We always look forward to something new, something different to change our life, add some color to it, no exception for our vape community, which is blooming day by day. Kanger Subtank is the one that new, that different brings vapers more interests. Some of you must have already vaped this Kanger Subtank and some of you just wonder what makes it different from Aspire Atlantis. I am not tend to tell you the difference between them for there is no standard to judge a single device, but I can tell you the outstanding parts of this Kanger Subtank and its cons parts. By the way, Kanger released Subtank mini version and Subtank nano version upon the time. So I will simply do a comparison between them.Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank Unboxing
1 x Subtank main body
1 x OCC:0.5 ohm/range 15-30w
1 x OCC:1.2 ohm/range 12-25w
1 x RBA coil
1 x RBA tip connector
1 x RBA base
1 x Screw driver
2 x screws, 2xO-ring gaskets
1 x Japanese cotton
1 x Beauty ring

The packing of Subtank mini and Subtank nano are nothing different except the main body, only a size issue.

RBA Coil & OCC Coils, Two Kinds of Vape Choices
The first thing must come to the coil. Maybe this is the only one that Kanger Subtank surpasses Aspire Atlantis. If you are careful enough, you must know that Kanger called its OCC coil as BPDC coil at first. But it some how turned as OCC. I’m not sure why Kanger changed the name, I do know the wire of an OCC is a single one while the wire of BPDC is dual. Maybe for a better lifespan or a better stability. OCC coil comes with two types of resistance, the 0.5 ohm one and 1.2 ohm one, all are equipped with Japanese cotton as the wick material. It appears Japanese cotton are more durable and deliver much purer flavors. If you thought the subohm vapor is too warmer to take, the 1.2ohm OCC is your choice.

Another exciting part of Kanger Subtank is the RBA Coil, an authentic rebuildabel coil. I mean you can build the coil by yourself, like choosing the gauge, wire resistance, wick material you desire for. For a good vape experience, I suggest you to pre-soak your coil with e-juice before using it, and for the sub ohm coil, do not dry burn it in case of short circuit happens. In fact, Kanger has pre-built the RBA coil with two wire in parallel on the deck. Each of the wire is about 0.8 ohm, as a whole part, I detected was 0.3 ohm. That will bring us a huge amount of cloud. The Subtank mini version remains the same components while Subtank nano eliminates the RBA coil due to a limitation of the room.

Brand New Airflow Adjustable Systems
The airflow systems of Kanger Subtank were designed for two kinds of vape requests. The most obvious part is the air channels, especially the chimneys. For a regular vape, I mean it comes with a 1.2 ohm coil, the chimney is a rather narrow and long one so as to the capacity of e-juice is much containable which reaches to 6ml. When you choose the RBA coil as your vape delivery core, you should change the top cap namely the RBA tip connector first. The chimney of it is relatively wide-opened one. Due to its large volume, the capacity of e-juice is 4.2ml. To the adjustable airflow part, it has three options. Simply spin the dial ring on the base to adjust the air input. But compared to Aspire Atlantis, the draw of Kanger Subtank is way too tight. I guess Kanger considered the high temperature of a 0.3 ohm coil would generate, and narrowed down the size of the whole systems to chill the vapor a little bit for a proper vape effect. Meanwhile, the Subtank nano is much different, the structure of it is similar to Kanger mini Protank. And the Subtank mini only minuses the volume to a proper 4.5ml.

Enhanced 304 Stainless Steel Body
Kanger Subtank is made of food grade stainless steel. The important thing is it is all stainless steel made includes the screws. Meanwhile, it adopts a thick pyrex glass tube with a stainless steel keel to enhance the damage resistance level. The 510 pin is also a spring loaded one which features a high adaptability. Unfortunately, I did not see an one on the Subtank mini and Subtank nano.

All in all, a Kanger Subtank comes with two different types of coils is on the premium vaping list. No matter for a vape veteran or newbie, much great fun can this device brings.