If you are a new e cigarette user, you will confront with variable choices for customizing vaping experiences. For example, when you purchase your first atomizer, catomizer or clearomizer, you have to make decision between single coil and dual coil.

Single Coil VS Dual Coil

What is coil?
A coil is a looped alloy wire with one side connected to positively charged terminal and the other side is kept negatively. The coil is the heat element inside of atomizer, catomizer or clearomizer for heating up e liquid and produce vapor.

What’s distinction between single coil and dual coil?
An e cigarette with single coil has only one heat element while dual coil one has two. A battery will send equal amounts of power to each of two coils and create heat to vaporize e liquid.

Which one can bring better vaping experience, dual coil or single coils?


There is no perfect e-cig setup and each one has its cons and pros. It all depends on your vaping habits.


Here is a list of differences between single and dual coil:


Single Coil Dual Coil

Low vapor temperature

Lower flavor intensity

Medium vapor density

Light throat hit

High vapor temperature

Higher flavor intensity

High flavor density

Strong throat hit

The pros and cons of single coil and dual coil:


  Pros Cons
Single Coil 10%-30% less consumption of battery power than dual one
Heat up e juice in lower speed and make your bottle last longer
Easier to rebuild
Lower vapor density
Longer time to heat up
Dual Coil Warmer and higher amount of vapor
Stronger throat hit
Heat up in fast rate and produce the same amount of vapor in less time
Faster battery power consumption
Burn e liquid quicker
Not easy to rebuild dual coil

Whether you want a singe coil e cigarette setup or a dual one, you can make your own decision. However we recommend you try both of them.