For a new e smoker, it will take you some time to find what e cigarette performance is best for you. There are several factors can determine vaping experiences such as flavors, e juice at a particular temperature and vapor amount.

If you never use an electronic cigarette before, we don’t recommend you to jump in at the deep end. But you can try different nicotine strength, PG, VG, atomizer, clearomizer, variable wattage or variable voltage after a period of using e cigarette.

All e cigarettes have a coil to heat liquid powered by battery. The coils with varied resistance levels require different battery power levels. Although both VV and VW can control the battery power output and vapor intensity, they work in the different way.

Variable wattage technology helps you set the battery’s power output and determine the amount of heat produced by atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. Once the power output is fixed, vapor taste will stay the same despite of resistance levels or ohm ratings you choose. 

Variable voltage technology allows you to set voltage output to an ideal voltage range according to  the brands and models of atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. The adjustment of voltage can determine vapor thickness, throat hit and vapor production. Low resistant level or ohm rating requires lower power output while high resistant level need higher output. Do remember that the highest voltage may cause burn taste of e liquid. 

Devices such as VW and VV that boast technologies to control battery power, vapor taste and production are also called as APVs. VW and VV options may be too much for a light smoker and too complicated for new vapers. As an experienced e smoker, when you are determined to use a variable wattage or variable voltage, it means that you are not satisfied with the flavor and vapor produced by your device. 

The difference between VV and VW battery:

Variable Voltage: Voltage output range can be set, Power output level will be changed depend on the adjustment of voltage.

Variable WattageOnce battery power output is set, the power and vapor taste remain the same in despite of resistant levels.