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After 10 years, Heaven Gifts has become one of the most trustworthy direct-selling online stores for electronic cigarettes. We are an official authorized distributor of some of the most famous e-cigarette brands. We pride ourselves in our outstanding product range, competitive pricing, fast shipping and outstanding customer service.

Now you know all of these great qualities why not look at joining our affiliate program?! It's completely free for you to join us and start a fruitful business relationship! You can even earn an impressive amount of extra money simply by promoting us on your websites, forums, blogs, social media or even mobile apps.

E-cigs are getting more and more popular worldwide, so join our affiliate program today to start generating extra revenue, for zero cost, what could be better than that!

How does it Work?

•Register and join our affiliate program.
•Add our link or banner to your website.
•Customers click on the link/banner and make a purchase.
•Heaven Gifts pays YOU commission!

How to Join Our Affiliate Program?

Heaven Gifts affiliate program is available via CommissionJunction which is our third-party program administrator. We offer competitive incentives for all affiliates. If you do not have a CommissionJunction account, simply create one on our network, it's completely free!

New to CommissionJunction?
Sign-up and join Heaven Gifts Network in one-step

Already on CommissionJunction?
Simply login and add Heaven Gifts to your account


Why Choose Us?

Excellent Conversion Rates Professional Earn More
Exclusive on new arrival products All kinds of eCig and accessories 12% commission
Competitive prices Professional affiliate support 30-day tracking cookie
Fast shipping to all over the world Rich creatives & free datafeed Frequent promotions
Outstanding customer service Flexible paid search policy Exclusive coupons

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any fee to become an affiliate?
Absolutely not. It's totally FREE to join us and there is no minimum sales requirement either.

Is there any skills needed to be your affiliate?
Nope. You can even make commissions by simply promoting our text link, banner or product on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, if you are an advanced developer, we are happy to help you with any additional questions you may have.

How do I get the Heaven Gifts affiliate links?
Simply log in to CommissionJunction.com and navigate to the "Links" area. Search for Heaven Gifts on the left and you can see Heaven Gifts links on the right. Click “Get Code” to get the corresponding HTML codes.

Do you offer datafeeds?
Yes. Our free datafeed is available for you to use via CommissionJunction.

If someone I refer places their order 1 week later, will that order still track back to me?
Yes, our default referral period is set up to 30 days.

How will I get my commission?
Your commission will be generated and paid automatically at CommissionJunction. We pre-deposit sufficient pre-payments to CommissionJunction, your commission will be automatically paid when it is due.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact us at affiliate@heavengifts.com. We will get back to you within 2 business days.


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Heaven Gifts