Topic turns to advanced personal mods. When it comes with the word "advanced", things are getting complex. I did not refer it a complicated one, but definitely a smart one. Therefore, all these remind me of the Evic Supreme by Joyetech. Have you ever met any eye-catching mod before? The answer for me is negative, until the advent of Joye Evic Supreme. Honestly, I do not know how to start this topic at first, for this Evic Supreme is so highly innovative that I’m afraid I can not present it to you guys in all around perspectives.Joyetech eVic Supreme

Unbox the packaging
Due to an abundant functions Evic Supreme offers, I’m more willing to take an overall look at it other than details first. Here comes the packaging:
1 x evic supreme control head
1 x evic supreme battery tube
1 x rechargeable 2100mAh power supply
1 x USB cable
1 x wall thread adapter
1 x evic supreme manual
1 x MVR manual card

Unveil something deserve the "innovative"
Quite a regular pack except the control head. And this Evic control head is the key element of the mod, is what highly innovative calls for . Without it, a normal mech mod Evic Supreme can be. The size of it actually is 139mm in length, with a 23mm in diameter. To put a 0.96 inch OLED screen in it, that’s way out of blue. Click the fire button five times like usual, it soon gets into the home interface. Exactly, I’m talking about a smart mod with a brand new designed UI.

The home interface there displays the major data like battery power percentage, output wattage, output voltage, puff times,etc. Click the fire button five times again, it gets in the operation interface, which displays 10 functions, included sleep, vapor set, configure, display,device, stealth, reset, password, power off, exit. But I’m not intend to introduce these functions one by one, only to refer some worth points of Evic Supreme.

The submenu of vapor set has five options: you can choose a variable voltage mode or variable wattage mode as you like through “switch” set; The interesting and smart thing of Joye Evic Supreme is that “mode” set, if you choose an auto mode and set a certain working time, then press the fire button, it will fire the atomizer automatically in your setting time, like 6 seconds or what ever you want in the limited 9.9 seconds range. This auto mode prolongs the fire button’s life span substantially.

Evic Supreme has its own software and firmware - myVapors. What’s it for? You can plug it to you PC or Mac, check the data it recently collected, like the puff times, the voltage, atomizers resistance you usually use. That keeps a record of your preferred vape habit so as to easy to find the best voltage or wattage for a certain atomizer and e-juice, and you no longer bother around the flavor it actually delivers.

In addition, you can upload pics you like to DIY this mod, a 64x128 pixels, 16 grade gray function screen definitely reaches the a desired display effect. I truly like it cause I have no need to worry about someone else mistake my device any more. Indeed, this function enables you to make your own and only Evic Supreme.

There is one more thing I want to highlight - atomizer ohm detecting function. With this function, I can detect resistance of any atomizer other than picking an ohm meter as my daily carry, much convenient. What makes me ecstatic is Joye Evic Supreme support sub ohm vape, the range of the supporting resistance is 0.5ohm to 5 ohm.

Since Joyetech Evic Supreme supports a sub ohm vaping, a default 2100mAh battery might be less attractive. Fortunately, Joyetech introduced an Evic Supreme 18650 tube, with its power customizable function. I think a comparative longer battery life for daily using even an out and about experience can come true. Meanwhile, it adopts an Evic thread adapter for Ego atomizers. What a considerate design!

Final thoughts
Joyetech Evic Supreme no doubt is a well thought out mod allowing for vapers to customize its vape options. I do not see any other mod can surpass in a short time. Evic control head definitely is the "cool point", if you’re agree with me, do consider this mod. More wait for you to find out!