I personally thought “legendary” is just the right word to describe iTaste MVP mod, not simply due to its market performance after I did a comprehensive study on this mod. In a certain extend, iTaste MVP knocked on the compacted size mods’ door. The advent of iTaste MVP rolled the red carpet for its subsequent versions, such as iTaste MVP V2, iTaste MVP 2.0, iTaste MVP 3.0, even for its “rival” Eleaf iStick.iTaste MVP

This time I will walk you through its formidable features, put it a simple way to make you understand this “legendary” one all around.

Ego threads were widely applied in most vaping devices in the early time. ITaste MVP made no exception, fortunately its packing includes a 510 threading adapter. If you’ d rather a original 510 thread, pick iTaste MVP V2.

A safety usage habit iTaste MVP helps to cultivate
The fire button is integrated with three LED indicators. You can look at the light clearly transmitted through the translucent border around the bottom. A red one means low battery life, green means fully charged, yellow means half-powered. Press it three times to active or deactive the mod.

The RMS-VDC board injected in its body function a 10 seconds cut-off, once the fire buttom has been hold for over 10 seconds, it automatically cuts off the power. I personally like this function cause it stops me inhaling too much vapor in one time I can take. For most parts of health reasons, I switch to vaping from tobacco using. And 10 seconds inhaing is enough for an average person to take a lung hit, let along a normal puff.

A relatively longer life span iTaste MVP brings
Durable is what I sensed from MVP. We cannot avoid a certain level of pollution batteries lead to. However, a longer life span of a vaping mod itself helps to reduce the degree of pollution no doubt. iTaste MVP introduces low voltage warming, short circuit protection and over-discharge protection technologies to prolong its mod life.

A considerate and convenient using experience iTaste MVP targets
I noticed there are two small buttons “P” and “U” next to the LCD displayer which locates in one side of its body. These are the major function key it has, respectively represent variable wattage mode and variable voltage mode. Press either key, you will see a puff counter displayed on the screen which indicate the battery life it leaves, then turn to display a VV or VW adjustment number. I gotta say that’s a considerate design, for a certain flavor vape chaser, you just turn on the VW mode to your preferred wattage, a sensational taste comes out soon afterwards; the VV mode matches with the ohm meter on its board itself, different flavors in different kinds of e-juice you wish to come would happen.

Hold on, what’s unique thing follows up. A small pin switch on the bottom of the mod actually is the output power key. A simple click, you just make it a Portable power bank. A 2600mAh battery it’s integrated with will do you a favor in power emergency time with such a nice and convenient function. ITaste MVP also allows you to vape when it is in charging.

A up to 7.5 voltage, 20 wattage vaping mod in 4.21” length, 1.61” width, 0.86” depth volume size, Ain’t you call MVP a “legend”?