A year after the release time of innokin iTaste VTR, it is still popular. I did not expect that happens until this iTaste VTR was appeared in the TV drama 2 Broke Girls, which drove me to grab this vape device again in hands. And I found it does have its own merits. The confusion to me is I’m not for sure this is a starter kit if you know iTaste VTR has vv/vw output modes. It is rare to see on a starter kit while the standard package comes with an iClear 30s tank actually. Besides this , it definitely is a good starter kit or mod.iTaste VTR

Vintage Appearance & Ergonomic Grip
The reason why I call iTaste VTR a vintage look is the design of its appearance was inspired by videotape recorders. The dial wheel is over its LCD display screen with the tank placed aside, is a pretty old school Panasonic radio’s look. This design is not only due to the aesthetic, but also for a practical usage. The grip feeling of iTaste VTR left me a deep impression. Grab it in hand, to take a good look at it, the chromed shell with a metallic-colored really makes it a whole piece, at least I did not found the screen at the first sight. Topic turns back to the grip feeling, what impresses me is I can operate it by one hand. The damping of the dial wheel is well enough that I rotated it by my thumb, not too tight or too loose to do a spin. Ohm detecting, voltage/wattage adjusting and firing, all can be done by one hand.

Intelligence PCB & Practical Usage
As early as one year ago, starter kits are not that smart as innokin iTaste VTR, all owes to the introduction of a PCB. Years of the PCB market performance prove an adjustable voltage or wattage did satisfy vapers’ various flavors needs. The adjustment are all done by using the dial wheel. Before a rotation, press the small button to detect resistance of the attached atomizer first. After a pause, the voltage/wattage is displayed on the screen. A variable wattage(voltage) goes from 3w to 15w(3v to 6v) allows for plenty of power to vape with the most difficult atomizers. A few of vapers told me they broke their tanks often in a careless fall. iTaste VTR has a loop extending from the top cap of the main body which intends to strengthen the protection to the attached tank, and also brings an integrated looking.

Another thing differs innokin iTaste VTR from a regular mod is there is no build-in battery there. I personally like a plug-in battery option for a longer use of a vape device itself and no power shortage catching thing exists. Meanwhile, the vent holes on the battery cap largely evacuate the extra heat a battery can bring. The extended loop on the other side limits the using of various tanks whose sizes do not fit the loop well. That’s how a 510 cone adapter works. With it, all 510 threading tank can be attached on iTaste VTR. These I described above compels me a respect to this vape device. Moreover, a spring loaded pin is assembled inside of the battery compartment for a high adaptability.

In all aspects, innokin iTaste VTR as a starter kit guides vape newbies throughout all process without a pause, along with its sleek look, no doubt a good vape choice.