2,500pcs 10ml PET/LDPE Empty Bottle

Product introduction

2,500pcs 10ml PET/LDPE Empty Plastic Bottle with Childproof Cap, Unassembled, one carton, used for storing or mixing e-juice. It comes with separate empty bottle body, tips and childproof caps.


Quantity: 2,500pcs (1 carton)

Capacity: 10ml

Tip: needle tip, regular tip

Color: transparent PET, semi-transparent LDPE

Material: plastic

There're 2 types, one is with Triangle Braille Mark at the top of the cap, the other is smooth. And we'll send two kinds randomly. In future, we will only have Triangle Braille Mark ones.

  • It comes with 25,00pcs empty bottle, with separate bottle body, tips and caps.
  • We send unassembled empty bottles.
  • PET is transparent; LDPE is soft and semi-transparent
  • For needle tips, we also have colorful caps, including black, blue, red, green and orange. If you need colorful caps, pls contact us after placing order. One color for one carton.