HG 30ml BASE, no nicotine no flavor e-juice. PG base and VG base are available.

Manufacture date: After Feb 18, 2016
Shelf life: 1.5 years

No nicotine no flavor

2. HG e-juice e-liquid are about 3 times stronger than most brands of e-juice e-liquid.

3. Heaven Gifts kindly suggest you choosing less e-liquid if it is not so safe to import e-liquid in your country.
Check Customs & Tax Issues.

30ml HG e-juice e-liquid BASE 1 bottle

1. HG heavengifts e-liquids are not 'DIY' heavengifts e-liquids. All HG heavengifts e-liquids are high-quality heavengifts e-liquids made by a professional manufacturer.

2. The PG base (Propelyene Glycol) can be used to make your own very economical PG-based e-juice e-liquid.

3. The VG base (Aqueous Glycerine) can be used to create your own VG e-juice e-liquid. It can also be added to any e-juice e-liquid to increase vapor production and add a little extra sweetness.

4. Ingredients of PG base: USP grade ( US Pharmacopoeia-Grade) Propylene Glycol

Ingredients of VG base: USP grade ( US Pharmacopoeia-Grade) Glycerine, Deionised Water ( It's blended with just enough deionised water to thin it to the perfect consistency for vaping).

5. It's with child-proof cap.

We are listening to customers' feedbacks about HG heavengifts e-liquids and will continue improving the flavors of HG e-juice e-liquid.

childproof plastic dripping bottle