Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml

Product Introduction

With 19mm diameter and 2ml juice capacity, Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer also adopts innovative and leak resistant cup design, whose coil replacement and juice fill can be achieved by removing its top section from the cap. Airflow controls are also contained within the removable top tank assembly, meaning the possibility for leakage or coil flooding is greatly reduced.


Size: 19mm (D) x 56mm (L)
Capacity: 2.0ml

Material: SS + Pyrex glass tube

Thread: 510 Thread

It comes with

  • 1 x Cubis D19 Atomizer
  • 1 x Manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml

Detachable and Washable Structure
Multiple Atomizer Heads Can Be Applied
Redesigned Airflow Control System

Top filling and top airflow

19mm diameter
Suit MTL and DL vaping

Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml

How to assemble:
1. Screw the top cap onto the airflow ring and put the mouthpiece onto the top.
2. Drip a few drops into the atomizer head and install it onto the vent pipe.
3. Install the above part with the atomizer tube then the whole CUBIS D19 is assembled.

How to change atomizer head:
Unscrew the atomizer cap, the atomizer head is located on the cap. Just unscrew it and replace a new one.
1. Please don't wash the atomizer head with water. Simply scrub it with cotton or clean dry cloth.
2. Please drip at least 5 drops of e-juice to the atomizer head and vape a few times in power-off condition (with airflow widely open) before its first use to avoid dry burn.
Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml
How to re-filling:
Separate the atomizer from the battery, and unscrew the mouthpiece base from the atomizer cap. Inject the liquid into the e-juice hole.
1. Please don't fill in through the middle hole of the atomizer cap.
2. Please don't overfill to avoid overflown.

Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml

How to adjust Airflow:
Rotating the ring on the atomizer cap clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the air inflow. The air inflow will be the largest when both signs match with each other, otherwise it decreases when turning left or right.

Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml

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Joyetech CUBIS D19 Atomizer - 2ml