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Color change: According to Joyetech's change, the new batch of white color eGo-C items(atomizer body, battery, USB battery) is whiter than the previous one. Both the factory and we Heaven Gifts still have stock for the previous white ones, so we will send randomly. Hope you can understand. ==April 9, 2012.

The latest Joyetech logo eGo-C atomizer body! Cone shape/Type A
, marked as "eGo-C B".

It contains two parts: the atomizer base and the atomizer cover. You can easily unscrew the atomizer base from the cover with your hand and assemble the atomizer head.

It makes removal and cleaning more conveniently and effectively. It can work with Joye eGo-C/eGo-T/eGo/510 battery!

1. Don't send Joyetech products to Korea and Italy!

2. You still need to purchase Joyetech eGo-C atomizer head to make an eGo-C atomizer.

3. It can only work with Joyetech logo eGo-C atomizer head! Cone shape/Type A and Joye eGo-T/eGo-C empty cartridges! Cone shape/Type A!

4. There is subtle structural different between type A and type B atomizer head:

If you put A type atomizer head into B type atomizer body, it may cause a little leakage.

If you put B type atomizer head into A type atomizer body, it may cause a little burning taste.

Through test, in order to reach the best effect, we recommend you not to mix type A and type B pack in use.

There is a color difference between the eGo-C atomizer body and eGo-T battery. The steel color of eGo-C atomizer body  is lighter. The pink, white color of eGo-C atomizer body is more like pearl color.

Joyetech logo eGo-C atomizer body! Cone shape/Type A 1pc

Length 43mm

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.