5pcs Sticker for Eleaf iStick MOD Battery

Product Introduction

With 5pcsSticker forEleaf iStick MOD Battery, you will getEleaf iStick stickers withfive different patterns in one pack! To make your iStick more diverse and personalized! Also, it will protect iStick from abrasion outside.


quantity: 5pcs

Patterns available: ghosts in fire, Christmas patterns, dollar, newpaper and snake type pattern

5pcsSticker forEleaf iStick MOD Battery

It comes with

  • 1 x 5pcs 5pcs Eleaf iStick MOD Battery Sticker

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

1.Make your iStick prepared and clean the surface of it
2.Pay attention to the direction of stickers
3.Press the stickers with your fingers to avoid air bubbles
4.Insure the edge of stickers flat

5pcsSticker forEleaf iStick MOD Battery