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Taste of Heaven Premium PG+VG Short Fill E-liquid E-juice 40ml
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Taste of Heaven Premium PG+VG Short Fill E-liquid E-juice 40ml

Ship from Poland

Taste of Heaven is a brand of short fill e-liquid, which is made in Poland. The e-liquid is 40ml in 60ml gorilla bottle, with the space for 2 nicotine shots. The ratio of PG/VG is 35/65, and 6 flavors are available.

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  • 0mg/ml
  • Bushes
  • Froth
  • Klaudia
  • Monika
  • Sail
  • Worm

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1. The Taste of Heaven e-liquid will be shipped from Poland directly. Please order it separately.
2. FREE Shipping for first order of each new customer.
3. The Taste of Heaven Premium e-liquid now can only be shipped to Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia(but China).

Product Introduction

Taste of Heaven is a brand of Polish e-liquid, which will be shipped from Poland directly, please purchase the Taste of Heaven E-liquid separately. It is the short fill e-liquid of 40ml, with the space for 2 nicotine shots, in 60 ml gorilla bottles. The ratio of PG/VG is 35/65, with no nicotine strength. Available in Bushes(Grape Apple), Froth(Vanilla cream with strawberry), Klaudia(KIWI, WATERMELON, STRAWBERRY), Monika(BERRY DONUT), Sail(APPLE CAKE) and Worm(APPLE, STRAWBERRY, PEACH) flavors.

Capacity: 60ml bottle (40ml e-juice)
Strengths: 0mg
Ratio of PG/VG: 35PG/65VG

Bushes: Grape Apple. Bushes are natural climbers of sun-ripened grapes, lush rural fences. Do you want to break one bunch silently?

Froth: Vanilla cream with strawberry. A dense, creamy and incredibly aromatic strawberry filled with hectoliters of cake creams, emerging with waves of warm milk.

Klaudia: KIWI, WATERMELON, STRAWBERRY. Klaudia, a crazy and sweet girl who likes kiwi and knows all its differences. You can taste them today.

Monika: BERRY DONUT. You can do everything with Monika and take her wherever you want, but she stands the best berry donuts today.  

Sail: APPLE CAKE. A sail, it is not only a shape of piece an apple cake. A sail, that's a freedom, a wind, a power and an energy. A sail, that's a peace and a breathing space after tired but so profitable day.

Worm: APPLE, STRAWBERRY, PEACH. A warm, it's the real individual , which after eating all polish apples, devoured strawberries and jumped on cultivations of sappy peach trees. 

It comes with

  • 1x Taste of Heaven Premium PG+VG Short Fill E-liquid E-juice 40ml 

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

  • It will be shipped from Poland directly. 
  • Each customer will enjoy Free shipping of first order. 
  • To submit any order means you are completely clear about any possible customs, tax and shipping issues.

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