VapeOnly vPipe II 18350 e-Pipe Body

Product Introduction

VapeOnly vPipe II 18350 e-Pipe Body is the replacement pipe body of VapeOnly vPipe II.

It's not compatible with VapeOnly vPipe Tank System 18350 e-pipe Starter Kits.

The kit comes with

  • 1 x VapeOnly vPipe II body
  • 1 x VapeOnly battery cap
Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


Battery Setting Indication: The red LED light flashes 3 times.

Work Indication: The red LED light is from up to down.

Constant voltage output: 3.3V

The front-end of vPipe body adds LED light.
It fits 3.7v 900mAh 18350 lithium battery.

Short circuit protection: If short circuit happens to output end, LED will flash 3 times, which means that the device has no voltage output.

Atomizer Protection: If vapor for more than 10 seconds, the voltage will be cut down automatically, meanwhile, the LED will flash 10 times.
Low Voltage Protection: When the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the red LED will flash 10 times, then it enters low voltage mode and stop vaporing.
Battery inversion protection: When the battery is set incorrectly, pipe will not work.

How to assemble vapeonly VPipe

1. Unscrew the battery cap

2. Insert a fully charged battery

3. Screw down the battery cap

4. Pull the mouthpiece out

5. Insert a working VPIPE atomizer

6. Insert a filled tank cartridge

7. Insert the mouthpiece. DONE!

VapeOnly vPipe II 18350 e-Pipe Body

  • It can only work with VapeOnly VPIPE II Coil Changeable System 18350 e-pipe Starter Kits.
  • You need purchase 18350 battery separately.

Guarantee period: 3 months for VapeOnly vPipe II body.

Please check Guarantee Policy.