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Vision E-Fire Wood VV Battery 1000mAh
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Vision E-Fire Wood VV Battery 1000mAh

Vision E-Fire 1000mAh Wood Spinner / Variable Voltage Battery, 7 kinds. You can adjust voltage output from 3.3v to 4.8v, each represents 0.1v.

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Sorry that factory send us one batch with about 1/4 matel at the bottom without informing us! So now we have 2 versions of the E-Fire batteries in stock.

We will send out the 2 kinds randomly.---Jan. 2014.

Vision E-Fire 1000mAh Wood Spinner / Variable Voltage Battery with carved pictures on the cover: Bamboo&Orchid; Dragon; Pterosaur; Skeleton; Ghost; Skull and Black Skull.

The battery allows you to adjust voltage output from 3.3v to 4.8v by spinning the knob at the bottom. Each increment is 0.1v.

Notice: The option color doesn't stand for the color of the product; it's just a code for 7 kind products.

1. It comes with 510/eGo thread.

2. 1000mAh Capacity.

3. CHARGER NOT INCLUDED. It can be charged via Joyetech eGo Fast USB charger, EVOD USB charger.

4. Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery faster than at a lower voltage. We suggest you to start with a low voltage and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right voltage for your atomizer/cartomizer.

5. There maybe have some color differences even in one pack as the wood.

Vision E-Fire 1000mAh Wood Spinner / Variable Voltage Battery 1pc
e-Go Decorative Ring

wood and copper


 DOA (Dead On Arrival) ONLY!

5-Click protection: Generally, the battery is shipped in the off position. In off position, it will not function even when pressing the button. To turn on battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see white LED flash. To turn off battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 second as well, the white LED will flash!  "5-click protection" can protect the battery from being activated when you do not want or do not use it. No more firing in your pocket!

Cut off time: If the button is pressed for 10 seconds, the battery will shutoff until the button is released.

Short Circuit Protection: When a short is detected, the battery will shutdown until the short is removed.

Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3v, the battery will shut down.

Over-Discharge Protection: The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery by overly depleting it. The LED will blink 5 times indicating that a charge is need.

How to adjust the output voltage?

There are 16 grids on the knob at the bottom, and each represents 0.1. Spin the knob in a clockwise direction to increase output voltage and spin the knob in anti-clockwise direction to decrease output voltage. High output voltage gives more vapor. You can adjust the output voltage so easily and enjoy the whole vapor time.

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

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